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A Computational Approach to Content-Based Retrieval of Folk Song Melodies
In order to develop a Music Information Retrieval system for folksong melodies, one needs to design an adequate computational model of melodic similarity, which is the subject of this Ph.D. thesis.Expand
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Musical style recognition - a quantitative approach
Background in history of music. In music history it is often considered important to have a reliable overview of the oeuvre of a certain composer. Unfortunately many pieces exist of which theExpand
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Towards Modelling Variation in Music as Foundation for Similarity
This paper investigates the concept of variation in music from the perspective of music similarity. Music similarity is a central concept in Music Information Retrieval (MIR), however there exists noExpand
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Unfolding the potential of computational musicology
This paper addresses current chances and challenges in computational musicology. Computational musicology is a genuinely interdisciplinary research area that requires the contribution of questions,Expand
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Finding Repeated Patterns in Music: State of Knowledge, Challenges, Perspectives
This paper discusses the current state of knowledge on musical pattern finding. Various studies propose computational methods to find repeated musical patterns. Our detailed review of these studiesExpand
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International Society for Music Information Retrieval
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Towards Integration of MIR and Folk Song Research
Folk song research (FSR) often deals with large collections of tunes that have various types of relations to each other. Computational methods can support the study of the contents of theseExpand
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In this paper we show that the modeling of musical knowledge within alignment algorithms results in a successful similarity approach to melodies. The score of the alignment of two melodies is takenExpand
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The Meertens Tune Collections
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