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Evidence that the spectral dependence of light absorption by aerosols is affected by organic carbon
[1] The wavelength dependence of light absorption by aerosols collected on filters is investigated throughout the near-ultraviolet to near-infrared spectral region. Measurements were made using anExpand
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Atmospheric Science: An Introductory Survey
Preface. Units and Numerical Values. A brief Survey of the Atmosphere. Atmospheric Thermodynamics. Extratropical Synoptic-Scale Disturbances. Atmospheric Aerosol and Cloud Microphysical Processes.Expand
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Fall speeds and masses of solid precipitation particles
Measurements have been made of the fall speeds and masses of a large number of different types of solid precipitation particles. Particular attention is paid to the effects of riming and aggregationExpand
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Seasonal evolution of the albedo of multiyear Arctic sea ice
[1] As part of ice albedo feedback studies during the Surface Heat Budget of the Arctic Ocean (SHEBA) field experiment, we measured spectral and wavelength-integrated albedo on multiyear sea ice.Expand
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Physical and optical properties of young smoke from individual biomass fires in Brazil
Physical and optical characteristics of particles in smoke from 19 fires were measured in Brazil during the 1995 burning season as part of the Smoke, Clouds, and Radiation-Brazil (SCAR-B) project.Expand
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Individual aerosol particles from biomass burning in southern Africa: 2, Compositions and aging of inorganic particles
[1] Individual aerosol particles collected over southern Africa during the SAFARI 2000 field study were studied using transmission electron microscopy and field-emission scanning electron microscopy.Expand
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Humidification factors for atmospheric aerosols off the mid‐Atlantic coast of the United States
The light-scattering coefficients of aerosols as a function of relative humidity (RH) and wavelength were measured in flights off the mid-Atlantic coast of the United States during July 1996. At aExpand
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Use of the Ångstrom exponent to estimate the variability of optical and physical properties of aging smoke particles in Brazil
In situ airborne measurements from the Smoke, Clouds and Radiation-Brazil (SCAR-B) study show that during aging over 1–4 days the physical and optical properties of smoke particles are correlated.Expand
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A Model for Particle Microphysics, Turbulent Mixing, and Radiative Transfer in the Stratocumulus-Topped Marine Boundary Layer and Comparisons with Measurements
Abstract A detailed 1D model of the stratocumulus-topped marine boundary layer is described. The model has three coupled components: a microphysics module that resolves the size distributions ofExpand
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Atmospheric tar balls: Particles from biomass and biofuel burning
[1] “Tar balls” are amorphous, carbonaceous spherules that occur in the tropospheric aerosol as a result of biomass and biofuel burning. They form a distinct group of particles with diametersExpand
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