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Extraperitoneal mobilization of the omentum--analysis of a personal series of 12 patients.
OBJECTIVE The aim of the paper is to evaluate the results achieved after mobilization of the omentum outside the peritoneal cavity. MATERIAL AND METHOD Between 01.01.2006-01.01.2012, the mainExpand
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Current indications for the intrathoracic transposition of the omentum
BackgroundThe intrathoracic transposition of the omentum (ITO) has been reported with more or less good results in various clinical circumstances but with no clear guidelines orExpand
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Pancreatic Pseudocyst with Splenic Artery Erosion, Retroperitoneal and Splenic Hematoma
The erosion of the peripancreatic vascular structures is a rare but life-endangering complication of pancreatic diseases. We report a female patient with a multicompartmentalized pancreaticExpand
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Giant Right Intrathoracic Myxoid Fusocellular Lipoma
Intrathoracic lipomas are rare benign tumors; their behavior is not completely clear and their surgical removal may be challenging. We report a case of a giant right intrathoracic myxoid fusocellularExpand
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Age cut-off for type 2 diabetes mellitus screening amongst young adults from Mures District, Romania--A pilot study.
e carried out a cross sectional descriptive study o assess the relationship between BMI, waist cirumference (WC) and glycemia. We organized a creening campaign to measure glycemia, BMI and CExpand
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Web based video educational resources for surgeons.
During the last years, video files showing different surgical procedures have become extremely available and popular on the internet. They are available on both free and unrestricted sites, as wellExpand
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Anatomo-clinical analysis of 14 consecutive cases of primary cystic mesenterico-epiploic tumors.
BACKGROUND The aim of this study is an anatomo-clinical evaluation of the primary cystic mesenterico-epiploic tumors,based on a single-center's 15 year experience. MATERIAL AND METHOD We performedExpand
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