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New or interesting lichens and lichenicolous fungi from Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France. IX.
Verrucaria elaeina Borrer Belgium, Mosan: Dinant, Fonds de Leffe (H5.38), shaded calcareous rock in forest, 2 & 4.1999, D. Ertz 26 & 54 (LG); Dinant, Devant-Bouvignes (H5.37), shaded calcareous rockExpand
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New records of lichenicolous fungi and lichenicolous lichens from the Iberian Peninsula, with the description of four new species and one new genus
– 110 records of lichenicolous fungi are reported from Andorra, Portugal and Spain, (mostly the latter country). One genus and four species are described as new to science: Phaeospora everniae onExpand
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Lecania Poeltii , A New Lichen Species From Portugal And Northern Africa
Lecania poeltiiv.d. Boom, Alonso & Egea sp. nov. is described from Portugal and northern Africa. The species is characterized by its inconspicuous hairs on thallus and apothecia, in which it differsExpand
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Bacidia brandii, a new lichen species from the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Lithuania
: A new lichen species from the genus Bacidia s. lat., B. brandii, is described from the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Lithuania. It has been found terricolous, on brick, on lignum and on plantExpand
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Two new sorediate species of lichens in the Catillariaceae from the Iberian Peninsula
Abstract Abstract: Two new species of lichens are described from the Iberian Peninsula. Halecania giraltiae is the first sorediate saxicolous species known in the genus and has been collected growingExpand
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Micarea confusa, a species easily confused withM. denigrata, is described from heavy-metal contaminated ground in Belgium and The Netherlands. Additional information is provided on the main localityExpand
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Micarea Viridileprosa Sp. Nov., An Overlooked Lichen Species from Western Europe
Abstract Abstract: A new lichen species, Micarea viridileprosa, is described from western Europe, where it is locally very common. This species, which has previously been much overlooked, isExpand
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Cetraria obtusata comb. et stat. nov., an overlooked lichen species from the Central Alps
Abstract Abstract: A description is given for Cetraria obtusata (Schacrer) v. d. Boom & Sipman, comb. et stat. nov., known so far only from the central Alps, and characterized by a pale yellow, C+Expand
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MB 830241 is the Correct Mycobank Number for Micarea sambuci
In the recently published paper: A new Micarea species from western Europe, belonging in the Micarea denigrata group (van den Boom et al. 2018), on page 386, the authors described a new species asExpand
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Notes on the genus Anisomeridium (lichenized Ascomycotina) from Madeira and the Azores (Macaronesia)
Descriptions are presented for two new species found on Madeira and the Azores: Anisomeridium macaronesicum and A. macropycnidiatum . The differentiation from related species is discussed and a keyExpand
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