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The structure of britannin — A sesquiterpene lactone from Inula britannica
SummaryFrom the epigeal part ofInula britannica L. a new sesquiterpene lactone has been obtained — britannin, with the composition C19H26O7, mp 192–194°C (from ethanol). [α]D20–26° (c 5.0;Expand
Desacetylmatricarin fromArtemisia incana
The constants of the substance under considera t ion and those of its de r iva t ives agree comple te ly with those of de sace ty lma t r i ca r in , a sesqu i t e rpene lactone isolated f rom A r tExpand
Lactone fromInula germanica
The substance is soluble in ethanol, ether, benzene, and chloroform, and sparingly soluble in carbon te t rachlor ide and water; it d issolves readi ly in alkalis in the cold (consuming 2 g-eq ofExpand
The structure of the sesquiterpene lactone saupirin
ConclusionsA new sesquiterpene lactone, saupirin, has been isolated from the epigeal green part ofSaussurea neopulchella Lipsch. andSaussurea pulchella Fisch., and structure (I) has been proposed forExpand
A crystalline substance fromArtemisia rutifolia
From the green epigeal part of Artemisia rutifolia Steph. et Spreng. collected on August 5, 1967 in the flowering phase (Central Asia, region of the Turkestan range) we have isolated a colorlessExpand