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Theoretical status and prospects for top-quark pair production at hadron colliders
We present an update of the theoretical predictions for the cross section of top-quark pair production at Tevatron and LHC. In particular, we employ improvements due to soft-gluon resummation at
Measuring the running top-quark mass
We present the first direct determination of the running top-quark mass based on the total cross section of top-quark pair production as measured at the Tevatron. Our theory prediction for the cross
Nested sums, expansion of transcendental functions and multiscale multiloop integrals
Expansion of higher transcendental functions in a small parameter are needed in many areas of science. For certain classes of functions this can be achieved by algebraic means. These algebraic tools
Hadronic top-quark pair-production with one jet and parton showering
A bstractWe present a calculation of heavy-flavor production in hadronic collisions in association with one jet matched to parton shower Monte Carlo programs at next-to-leading order in perturbative