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Genetic diversity and selection at the Plasmodium vivax apical membrane antigen-1 (PvAMA-1) locus in a Sri Lankan population.
Plasmodium vivax apical membrane antigen 1 (PvAMA-1) is an important malaria vaccine candidate. We present the first comprehensive analysis of nucleotide diversity across the entire PvAMA-1 geneExpand
Cell wall-bound coniferyl alcohol oxidase associated with lignification in conifers
Abstract An enzyme utilizing O2 to oxidize coniferyl alcohol into a lignin-like product is described. This enzyme has been found firmly bound to cell walls in developing xylem of Pinus strobus, AbiesExpand
Genetic diversity and recombination at the C-terminal fragment of the merozoite surface protein-1 of Plasmodium vivax (PvMSP-1) in Sri Lanka.
Extensive polymorphism in the genes encoding for surface antigens of Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax has been a serious impediment for malaria vaccine development. One such antigen is theExpand
Natural Human Antibody Responses to Plasmodium vivax Apical Membrane Antigen 1 under Low Transmission and Unstable Malaria Conditions in Sri Lanka
ABSTRACT Plasmodium vivax apical membrane antigen 1, an important malaria vaccine candidate, was immunogenic during natural malaria infections in Sri Lanka, where low transmission and unstableExpand
Comparison of naturally acquired antibody responses against the C-terminal processing products of Plasmodium vivax Merozoite Surface Protein-1 under low transmission and unstable malaria conditions
We report here, for the first time, a comparison of naturally acquired antibody responses to the 42 and 19 kDa C-terminal processing products of Plasmodium vivax Merozoite Surface Protein-1 assayedExpand
Coniferyl alcohol oxidase — a catechol oxidase?
The physico-chemical properties of coniferyl alcohol oxidase (CAO), a copper containing glycoprotein spatiotemporally associated with lignification in conifers, is reported here. By electronExpand
Haematological parameters of three species of wild caught microchiropteran bats, Miniopterus schreibersii , Taphozous melanopogon and Hipposideros lankadiva in Sri Lanka
Key words: haematology; microchiroptera; Miniopterus schreibersii ; Taphozous melanopogon ; Hipposideros lankadiva DOI: 10.4038/josuk.v2i0.2744 J Sci.Univ.Kelaniya 2 (2005): 27-40
Two new species of chiggers (Acari: Leeuwenhoekiidae and Trombiculidae) from bats (Chiroptera) collected in the Kanneliya forest reserve of Sri Lanka
Abstract Ectoparasitic mites collected from three Hipposideros speoris (Schneider, 1800) hosts (Chiroptera: Hipposideridae) taken from bat habitats in the Kanneliya Forest Reserve of Sri Lanka hasExpand
Multi-character population study of the vir subtelomeric multigene superfamily of Plasmodium vivax, a major human malaria parasite.
Plasmodium vivax, the most widely distributed human malaria parasite, contains the subtelomeric multigene vir superfamily corresponding to circa 10% of its coding genome. In this work, we used aExpand