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Dialects in contact
This work accounts for the influence mutually intelligible dialects of a language have on one another when they come into contact. It examines linguisitic accommodation in face-to-face interaction
The Social Differentiation of English in Norwich
One of the chief aims of this work is to investigate the co-variation of phonological and sociological variables. In order to measure this type of correlation, a record was first taken of each
Sociolinguistics: An Introduction to Language and Society
This is a classic book on a fascinating subject. Peter Trudgill examines the close link between language and society and the many factors that influence the way we speak. These range from gender,
Sex, covert prestige and linguistic change in the urban British English of Norwich
Women use linguistic forms associated with the prestige standard more frequently than men. One reason for this is that working-class speech has favourable connotations for male speakers. Favourable
Sociolinguistic Typology: Social Determinants of Linguistic Complexity
Prologue: Social Correlates of Linguistic Structures 1. Sociolinguistic Typology and the Speed of Change 2. Complexification, Simplification, and Two Types of Contact 3. Isolation and
Book Note: New-Dialect Formation: The Inevitability of Colonial Englishes
This book presents a new and controversial theory about dialect contact and the formation of new colonial dialects. It examines the genesis of Latin American Spanish, Canadian French and North
New Zealand English: Its Origins and Evolution
1. Introduction 2. Overview and background 3. The historical background 4. Previous attempts to explain the origins of New Zealand English 5. Methodology 6. The variables of early New Zealand English
The dialects of England
Language variety in England the pronunciation of traditional dialects the pronunciation of modern dialects the grammar of English dialects dialect words.