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Temperature sensitivity of drought-induced tree mortality portends increased regional die-off under global-change-type drought
Large-scale biogeographical shifts in vegetation are predicted in response to the altered precipitation and temperature regimes associated with global climate change. Vegetation shifts have profoundExpand
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Catchment Classification and Hydrologic Similarity
Hydrology does not yet possess a generally agreed upon catchment classification system. Such a classification framework should provide a mapping of landscape form and hydro-climatic conditions onExpand
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Catchment classification: Empirical analysis of hydrologic similarity based on catchment function in the eastern USA
Hydrologic similarity between catchments, derived from similarity in how catchments respond to precipitation input, is the basis for catchment classification, for transferability of information, forExpand
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A Global Land Cover Climatology Using MODIS Data
AbstractGlobal land cover data are widely used in weather, climate, and hydrometeorological models. The Collection 5.1 Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) Land Cover Type (MCD12Q1)Expand
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A decade of Predictions in Ungauged Basins (PUB)—a review
Abstract The Prediction in Ungauged Basins (PUB) initiative of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS), launched in 2003 and concluded by the PUB Symposium 2012 held in DelftExpand
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Hillslope‐storage Boussinesq model for subsurface flow and variable source areas along complex hillslopes: 1. Formulation and characteristic response
[1] Hillslope response to rainfall remains one of the central problems of catchment hydrology. Flow processes in a one-dimensional sloping aquifer can be described by Boussinesq's hydraulicExpand
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Retrieving Soil Moisture Over Bare Soil from ERS 1 Synthetic Aperture Radar Data: Sensitivity Analysis Based on a Theoretical Surface Scattering Model and Field Data
In order to assess the retrieval of soil moisture from ERS 1 (European Remote Sensing Satellite) synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data, an inversion procedure based oft the integral equation modelExpand
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Assimilation of active microwave observation data for soil moisture profile estimation
This paper discusses the potential of retrieving information about the soil moisture profile from measurements of the surface soil moisture content through active microwave observations of the Earth.Expand
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Improved understanding of soil moisture variability dynamics
Different trends of soil moisture variability with mean moisture content have been reported from field observations. Here we explain these trends for three different data sets by showing howExpand
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