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Offenders with intellectual disabilities in prison: what happens when they leave?
BACKGROUND People with intellectual disabilities, if convicted of offences, may be sentenced to prison, but little is known about their life when they are released. METHOD This study followed upExpand
“Tourette’s Is a Lonely Place”: an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of the Personal Experience and Identity of Adults with Tourette’s Syndrome
Research suggests that adults with Tourette’s syndrome (TS) may face unique challenges in their everyday life due to their condition. To date, however, only a limited number of studies exist inExpand
Life after release from prison: The experience of ex-offenders with intellectual disabilities.
BACKGROUND In the UK, little is known about the experience of ex-prisoners with intellectual disabilities. METHOD A qualitative study was therefore conducted to investigate what life is like forExpand
"Put bluntly, they are targeted by the worst creeps society has to offer": Police and professionals' views and actions relating to domestic violence and women with intellectual disabilities.
BACKGROUND Little is known about the attitudes and practices of key personnel towards the domestic violence experienced by women with intellectual disabilities. METHOD An online survey wasExpand
Commentary on “Dietitians’ challenges when consulting to adults with intellectual disabilities”
Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to consider issues around obesity and overweight for people with intellectual disabilities (IDs). Design/methodology/approach: A review of the literature isExpand
Exploring the impact of mental capacity on breast screening for women with intellectual disabilities.
This study explores the impact of mental capacity in relation to breast screening for women with intellectual disabilities in the UK. Participation in breast screening is considerably lower for womenExpand
Carer's views of sleep disorders in adults with intellectual disabilities
Aim: To identify the most common sleep problems carers believe adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) tend to experience; investigate whether the degree of ID affects sleep problems; and, look atExpand
Religion and National/Ethnic Identity in Modern Greek Society: A Study of Syncretism
The present article is written as a theoretical exploration of the (actual, possible, or con - tingent) relations/processes that inform both the macroscopic and microscopic field of interactionsExpand