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The turtles of Venezuela
[Presence of abundant heterochromatin in the karyotype of Cebus: C. cappucinus and C. nigrivittatus].
The karyotypes of Cebus capucinus and C. nigrivittatus (Primates, Platyrrhini) are compared after applying several banding techniques and banding patterns of certain chromosomes appear analogous in Cebus and Cattarhini, including Man. Expand
The Presence of Mesoclemmys raniceps and Mesoclemmys nasuta in Venezuela and Comments on the Type Locality of Hydraspis maculata (Chelidae)
A detailed study of the evidence demonstrates that the type of Hydraspis maculata, a synonym of M. raniceps, was not specifically collected in Venezuela and the other 2 records were an adult female of Mesoclemmys zuliae and a juvenile Mesocelmmys heliostemma. Expand
The potential for captive breeding programmes in Venezuela — efforts between zoos, government and non-governmental organizations
The geographical location of Venezuela makes it a privileged Neotropical country. It is rich in natural resources and biodiversity, a consequence of more than seven different climatic zones in anExpand