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Geometry, migration, and evolution of wave orbital ripples at LEO-15
Observations of the temporal evolution of the geometric properties and migration of wave-formed ripples are analyzed in terms of measured suspended sand profiles and water velocity measurements. SixExpand
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Observations of wave orbital scale ripples and a nonequilibrium time‐dependent model
[1] Measurements of seafloor ripples under wave-dominated conditions from the LEO15 site and the Martha’s Vineyard coastal observatory were used to develop a time-dependent model for ripple geometry.Expand
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The structure of the Eel River plume during floods
Abstract Several large floods of the Eel River in northern California occurred during 1997 and 1998, with peak discharge ranging from 4000 to 12,000 m 3  s −1 . The flood conditions persisted for 1–3Expand
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Detailed investigation of sorted bedforms, or “rippled scour depressions,” within the Martha's Vineyard Coastal Observatory, Massachusetts
Abstract We examine in detail the seafloor and cross-sectional morphology of sorted bedforms (i.e., “rippled scour depressions”) in the Martha's Vineyard Coastal Observatory (MVCO). Sorted bedformsExpand
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A laboratory evaluation of the laser in situ scattering and transmissometery instrument using natural sediments
Abstract The LISST (Laser In Situ Scattering and Transmissometery) instrument was designed by Sequoia Scientific to measure the particle size distributions and concentrations of sediment suspensionsExpand
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Sediment transport and trapping in the Hudson River estuary
The Hudson River estuary has a pronounced turbidity maximum zone, in which rapid, short-term deposition of sediment occurs during and following the spring freshet. Water-column measurements ofExpand
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Estimates of suspended-sediment flux and bedform activity on the inner portion of the Eel continental shelf
Energetic waves, strong bottom currents, and relatively high rates of sediment discharge from the Eel River combined to produce large amounts of suspended-sediment transport on the inner continentalExpand
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Constraining denitrification in permeable wave-influenced marine sediment using linked hydrodynamic and biogeochemical modeling
Abstract Permeable marine sediments are ubiquitous complex environments, the biogeochemistry of which are strongly coupled to hydrodynamic process above and within the sediment. The biogeochemicalExpand
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High-resolution numerical modeling of wave-supported gravity-driven mudflows
[1] Wave-supported gravity-driven mudflow has been identified as a major offshore fine sediment transport mechanism of terrestrial sediment into the coastal ocean. This transport process essentiallyExpand
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Rapid sediment deposition and fine‐scale strata formation in the Hudson estuary
[1] A 9 month time series of tripod-mounted optical and acoustic measurements of sediment concentration and bed elevation was used to examine depositional processes in relationship to hydrodynamicExpand
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