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Unity of superstring dualities
Abstract The effective action for type II string theory compactified on a six-torus is N = 8 supergravity, which is known to have an E7 duality symmetry. We show that this is broken by quantum
Massive gravity in three dimensions.
The extension to massive N-extended supergravity is discussed, the "cosmological" extension that admits an anti-de Sitter vacuum is presented, and a more general model propagates the two spin-2 helicity states with different masses.
A Chern-Simons Action for Three-Dimensional anti-De Sitter Supergravity Theories
Abstract We construct the (p,q)-type anti-de Sitter (adS) supergravity theories associated with the three-dimensional adS supergroups OSp (p|2; R )⊗ OSp (q|2; R ) . They are distinguished, for N=p+q,
The geometry of N = 2 Maxwell-Einstein supergravity and Jordan algebras
We construct the general coupling of nN = 2 Maxwell super-multiplets to N = 2 supergravity in five spacetime dimensions. In the case that the scalar field manifold is symmetric we find a complete
More on Massive 3D Gravity
We explore the space of static solutions of the recently discovered three-dimensional 'new massive gravity' (NMG), allowing for either sign of the Einstein-Hilbert term and a cosmological term
Supermembranes and Eleven-Dimensional Supergravity
Abstract We construct an action for a supermembrane propagating in d = 1 supergravity background. Using the constraints of d = 11 curved superspace, we show that the action is invariant under
Super D-branes
We present a “kappa-symmetric” worldvolume action for all type II Dirichlet p-branes, 0≤p≤9, in a general type II supergravity background, including massive backgrounds in the IIA case. The p=9 case
Exceptional Supergravity Theories and the MAGIC Square
Abstract We derive the magic square of Freudenthal, Rozenfeld, and Tits from the geometry of a special class of N =2 Maxwell-Einstein supergravity theories. We also show that all of these theories
Duality of type-II 7-branes and 8-branes
We present a version of ten-dimensional IIA supergravity containing a 9-form potential for which the field equations are equivalent to those of the standard, massless, IIA theory for vanishing
Gauging the d = 5 Maxwell-Einstein Supergravity Theories: More on Jordan Algebras
Abstract We discuss in detail the possible gaugings, abelian and non-abelian, of a class of d = 5 Maxwell/Einstein supergravity theories for which the manifold of scalar fields is a symmetric coset