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Probabilistic Roadmaps for Path Planning in High-Dimensional Configuration Spaces
Experimental results show that the proposed roadmap method can eeciently solve problems which are beyond the capabilities of other existing methods.
A local based approach for path planning of manipulators with a high number of degrees of freedom
This paper presents an alternative to the Potential Field Method of computing local collision-free motions for general manipulators by separating the description of the task from constraints of anti-collision, and discusses how to incorporate the action of a global planner in this general framework.
Handey: A robot system that recognizes, plans, and manipulates
We describe a robot system capable of locating a part in an unstructured pile of objects, choose a grasp on the part, plan a motion to reach the part safely, and plan a motion to place the part at a
A strategy for obstacle avoidance and its application to mullti-robot systems
  • P. Tournassoud
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings. IEEE International Conference on…
  • 7 April 1986
A local method for obstacle avoidance based on the existence of extreme separating hyperplanes is presented, then extended to the coordinated motion of several mobile robots, and to the avoidance of two manipulators.
Motion planning for manipulators in complex environments
This paper presents a method for solving the motion-planning problem for manipulators with the inherent exponential complexity of the Free Space construction with the number of degrees of freedom.
Motion planning for a mobile robot with a kinematic constraint
It is shown how a heuristic path-planning algorithm based on a decomposition of free space into cones connected by turns can be used within the more realistic framework of an actual mobile robot at work by implementing the results as a set of rules of behavior for the robot.
The Mixed Approach for Motion Planning: Learning Global Strategies from a Local Planner
A mixed approach for motion planning that decomposes the problem into two levels, taking advantage of the ability of the local planner to move close to obstacles so that only a crude discretization of the Configuration Space is needed.
Handey: a task-level robot system
Locomotion of an all-terrain mobile robot
A simple but efficient control scheme is applied to Rami, a four-tiltable-track robot equipped with force sensors, an inertial reference system, a laser-stripe range finder, and extensive real-time computing facilities based on a decentralized architecture.