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Apple pectin complexes with whey protein isolate
Abstract Complexes of apple pectin and whey protein isolate were available by electrosynthesis from aqueous mixtures. Complex formation followed a first-order kinetic equation. Complexes separated onExpand
Rheological and sensory properties of dessert sauces thickened by starch–xanthan gum combinations
Abstract Strawberry sauces thickened with oat, potato, and corn starches blended with xanthan gum were prepared and their sensory, textural, and rheological properties evaluated. The sensory analysisExpand
Molecular Distribution and Pasting Properties of UV-Irradiated Corn Starches
Suspension (30%, w/w) of corn starch (25 % amylose) in water was irradiated by UV-light with wavelength greater than 250 nm at 25 °C, under a stream of nitrogen or air, for time intervals rangingExpand
Microwaves in Physical and Chemical Modifications of Starch
Maize, cassava and potato starch was modified by the low and medium low energy of microwave radiation. Plain starch undergoes dextrinization. Starch blended with TiCl4 gave gels of low viscosity.Expand
Effects of hydrogen, oxygen, and ammonia low-pressure glow plasma on granular starches
Cassava, corn, high amylose corn, potato, rice Indica, rice Japonica, sweet potato, waxy corn, and wheat starches were exposed to low-pressure ammonia, hydrogen, and oxygen plasma. In every case,Expand
Binary hydrocolloids from starches and xanthan gum
Brabender viscography and flow curves were taken for cassava, corn, oat and potato starch-xanthan gum binary blends of widely varying component proportions. Xanthan gum causing water deficiency inExpand
The Thermal Decomposition of Carbohydrates. Part II.* The Decomposition of Starch
Publisher Summary This chapter focuses on the thermal treatment of dry starch, which usually leads exclusively to its depolymerization, unless the temperature applied exceeds 300°. Dextrins are theExpand
Behaviour of granular starches in low-pressure glow plasma
Abstract Granular starches of nine botanical origins were exposed to low-pressure glow plasma generated in the air from either a high voltage DC supply or an AC inductor. Experiments with low energyExpand
Chemical and functional properties of food saccharides
This fourth volume in the Chemical and Functional Properties of Food Components series focuses on saccharides as food constituents. Written by an international group of experts, it provides anExpand