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SmartFrog: Configuration and Automatic Ignition of Distributed Applications
We address the myriad issues related to incorrect configuration of complex, distributed systems by offering a powerful and consistent way to capture system configurations, an automatic deployment infrastructure which can repeatably realize the systems described and a component model to manage the deployed applications though their lifecycle. Expand
The SmartFrog configuration management framework
SmartFrog is a framework for creating configuration-driven systems. It has been designed with the express purpose of making the design, deployment and management of distributed component-basedExpand
A cooperative model for cross-divisional product development for a software product line
We explore an approach that is very similar to the traditional notion of cooperative organizations, and examine the key roles that support this organizational model. Expand
Do You Need a New Product-Development Strategy?
This article describes a framework to address this problem, allowing a firm to better align the design of its development processes to the specific aims of individual projects. Expand
Craft, Design and Technology For GCSE
Appropriate for all CDT GCSE syllabuses, this guide focuses on the application and importance of design. Opportunities to put ideas into practice are provided and questions in every section helpExpand
To influence time perception
We demonstrate the relevance of this issue within the context of synchronous voice and data communication and conclude that waiting time perception can be reduced. Expand
Configuration Description, Deployment, and Lifecycle Management (CDDLM) Foundation Document
This document provides a high level overview of the CDDLM space by describing requirements, analyzing use cases, and by providing an overview of related work within GGF. Expand
Deskslate: a shared workspace for telephone partners
DeskSlate is a laboratory prototype which provides the ability to annotate documents or use a shared whiteboard while maintaining voice contact over a single telephone line. Expand
Technologies for Large-Scale Configuration Management
This report examines the current state-of-the-art in large-scale system configuration. It introduces the scope and principles of the configuration task, and describes a selected range of technologiesExpand
Data and knowledge bases as integral parts of a distributed object infrastructure
Atlas is a prototype of an object infrastructure. It is designed to support hundreds of millions of objects, distributed in a heterogeneous wide area network of thousands or millions of computers.Expand