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Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality
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Occurrence of patulin in apple juice.
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Recent Progress in the Eye Irritation Test
  • I. Chu, P. Toft
  • Medicine
  • Toxicology and industrial health
  • 1 November 1993
The rabbit eye irritation test based on the Draize method is required for the hazard assessment of chemicals and products that may come into contact with the eye. Due to the potential for theExpand
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West African timbers. Part XIX. The structure of methyl angolensate, a ring-B-seco tetranor-tetracyclic triterpene of the meliacin family
Methyl angolensate, C27H34O7, isolated from Entandrophragma angolense and related species of the Meliaceae family, has been shown to be a ring-B-seco tetranor-tetracyclic triterpene of the meliacinExpand
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Difference spectra of rat hepatic microsomes induced by cannabinoids and related compounds.
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Unequivocal distinction between betamethasone and dexamethasone by mass spectrometry.
  • B. Lodge, P. Toft
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of pharmaceutical sciences
  • 1 July 1970
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The Metabolism of [14C]Prenazone in the Rat
Abstract1. [14C]Prenazone administered to rats (60 mg/kg) as a suspension by stomach tube was excreted to the extent of 43% dose in the urine in 24 h with only 3% in the faeces. After four days theExpand
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Synthesis of Δ4‐3‐oxo‐steroids labelled specifically at the 6β ‐position
[6β-2H] Testosterone and [6β-3H] Testosterone were each synthesized in good yield in three steps: Treatment of 5a, 6a- epoxy-3, 3-ethylene-dioxyandrostan -17β-ol with labelled lithium aluminumExpand
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Conjugation of 2-hydroxyoestrone in rat bile.
Abstract 2-Hydroxyoestrone is excreted in rat bile conjugated with “glucuronic acid” exclusively at C-2.
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Asbestos and drinking water in Canada.
Samples of raw, treated and distributed tap water were collected from 71 municipalities across Canada and analyzed for asbestos content by transmission electron microscopy. Chrysotile asbestos wasExpand
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