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  • P. Tichý
  • Philosophy of Science
  • 1 December 1986
The paper deals with the semantics of mathematical notation. In arithmetic, for example, the syntactic shape of a formula represents a particular way of specifying, arriving at, or constructing anExpand
The Foundations of Frege's Logic
Rockwell Automation's Holonic and Multiagent Control Systems Compendium
This paper provides a comprehensive overview of long-term R&D activities of the Rockwell Automation (RA) company in the field of holonic and agent-based manufacturing control systems. It presents aExpand
  • P. Tichý
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  • The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • 1 June 1974
Introduction. 1 Preliminaries. 2 Popper's Logical Definition of Verisimilitude. 3 Popper's Probabilistic Definition of Verisimilitude. 4 Conclusion.
Industrial MAS for Planning and Control
Advantages of using agent technology in the design and operation of industrial control systems are summarized and the proposed architecture is targeted on applications where real-time response is essential but also more sophisticated higher-level control mechanisms are needed for efficient control. Expand
An Approach to Intensional Analysis
One cannot understand the word 'dog' unless one knows how to distinguish dogs from other objects, unless one has a way of discriminating between dogs and non-dogs. We may well be quite in the darkExpand
Developments in dynamic and intelligent reconfiguration of industrial automation
This paper provides an overview of current techniques to allow the industrial systems to automatically adapt to change while maintaining predictable and stable system behaviour and focuses on automatic reconfiguration of programmable logic controller systems. Expand
Distributed multi-agent architecture for automation systems
Preliminary results of an ongoing research project that demonstrates advanced automation in a highly distributed architecture that is made of a synergy of intelligent agents, control, and physical devices are reported. Expand
An Intelligent Agent Validation Architecture for Distributed Manufacturing Organizations
The simulation architecture and the system design methodology to accomplish the appropriate agent behavior for controlling a real-life automation system and a general architecture and methodology for easing the commissioning process of the control solution are described. Expand