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Biological evaluation of sulfone derivatives as anti-inflammatory and tumor cells growth inhibitory agents.
A variety of sulfone derivatives including three dimethyl arylsulfonyl malonates (1-3), two bis-(arylethenesulfonyl)-vinyl benzenes (4 and 5) and a sulfone triazole (6) were evaluated for theirExpand
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Synthesis and bioassay of a new class of heterocycles pyrrolyl oxadiazoles/thiadiazoles/triazoles.
A new class of heterocycles pyrrolyl thiadiazoles, pyrrolyl oxadiazoles and pyrrolyl triazoles were prepared from arylsulfonylethenesulfonylacetic acid methyl ester and tested for their antimicrobialExpand
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Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of novel sulfone-linked bis heterocycles.
Novel sulfone-linked bis heterocycles pyrazolines in combination with thiadiazoles, oxadiazoles and triazoles were prepared from E-styrylsulfonylacetic acid methyl ester and tested for theirExpand
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Phenacylsulfonylacetic acid methyl ester‐synthon for 1,2,3‐selena/thiadiazoles and 2H‐diazaphospholes
A new class of 1,2,3-selena/thiadiazoles and 2H-diazaphospholes were synthesized by exploiting α-ketomethylene group in phenacylsulfonylacetic acid methyl ester.
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A Simple Strategy for the Synthesis of 3,4-Disubstituted Pyrroles
3,4-Disubstituted pyrroles are prepared by cyclocondensation of aryl styryl sulfones and benzyl styryl sulfones with tosyl methyl isocyanide. Phenyl vinyl sulfone under similar conditions formsExpand
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A rapid and efficient enantiospecific synthesis of the functionalized ABC-ring system of tetranortriterpene dumsins and their analogues
A rapid and enantiospecific synthesis of the ABC ring system of tetranortriterpene dumsin and its analogues, starting from the readily available monoterpene (R)-carvone employing two RCM reactions asExpand
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Phenacylsulfonylacetic esters — source for thiadiazoles, triazoles and oxadiazoles
A new class of thiadiazoles, triazoles and oxadiazoles were prepared from phenacylsulfonylacetic ester by protecting the carbonyl group by oximation. Deoximation was affected by using β-cyclodextrinExpand
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Synthesis of thiadiazoles, triazoles and oxadiazoles from sulfonyl acetic acids via a common route
A new class of five membered heterocycles, thiadiazoles, triazoles and oxadiazoles were prepared from sulfonyl acetic acids via acid hydrazides.
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Synthesis of 2‐Oxazolines and 2‐Thiazolines using Lanthanide Amino Alkoxide
Abstract New 2‐oxazolines and 2‐thiazolines are prepared from phenacysulfonylacetic acid methyl ester using lanthanide amino alkoxide.
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