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The Hellenistic World: Using Coins as Sources
Coinage is one of our key sources for the rich and fascinating history of the Hellenistic world (323–31 BC). This book provides students of the period with an up-to-date introduction to HellenisticExpand
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A Copy of Augustus' Res Gestae at Sardis.
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Estates and the Land in Late Roman Asia Minor
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Athenian democratic origins : and other essays
Editors' Introduction 1. The Solonian Census Classes and the Qualifications for Cavalry and Hoplite Service 2. Five Notes on Solon's Constitution 3. Solon, the Horoi and the Hektemoroi 4. CleisthenesExpand
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Lysimache and Lysistrata
Abstract: It has long been suspected that the eponymous heroine of Aristophanes’ Lysistrata was intended to evoke the historical Lysimache, priestess of Athena Polias at the time of the play’s firstExpand
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