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Surfactin and fengycin lipopeptides of Bacillus subtilis as elicitors of induced systemic resistance in plants.
Multiple strains of Bacillus spp. were demonstrated to stimulate plant defence responses. However, very little is known about the nature of molecular determinants secreted by these Gram-positiveExpand
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PAMPs, MAMPs, DAMPs and others: an update on the diversity of plant immunity elicitors
PAMPs, MAMPs, DAMPs et autres : mise a jour de la diversite des eliciteurs de l’immunite des plantes. Les plantes possedent une large gamme de defenses qui peuvent etre exprimees en reponse a laExpand
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Involvement of fengycin-type lipopeptides in the multifaceted biocontrol potential of Bacillus subtilis
In this work, the potential of Bacillus subtilis strain M4 at protecting plants against fungal diseases was demonstrated in different pathosystems. We provide evidence for the role of secretedExpand
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Influence of culture conditions on lipopeptide production by Bacillus subtilis
Bacillus subtilis produces various families of lipopeptides with different homologous compounds. To produce “new molecules” with improved activities and to select strains that produced a reducedExpand
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Lipopeptides as main ingredients for inhibition of fungal phytopathogens by Bacillus subtilis/amyloliquefaciens
Some isolates of the Bacillus subtilis/amyloliquefaciens species are known for their plant protective activity against fungal phytopathogens. It is notably due to their genetic potential to form anExpand
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Antioxidant phenolic compounds loss during the fermentation of Chétoui olives
Abstract Evolution of phenolic compounds was studied during spontaneous and controlled fermentations of “Chetoui” cultivar olives at three degree of ripeness. Both spontaneous and controlledExpand
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Beneficial effect of the rhizosphere microbial community for plant growth and health
Effet benefique de la communaute microbienne de la rhizosphere sur la croissance et la sante des plantes. La rhizosphere est le volume du sol situe au voisinage immediat des racines des plantes etExpand
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Characteristics of African traditional beers brewed with sorghum malt: a review
Caracteristiques des bieres traditionnelles africaines brassees avec le malt de sorgho (synthese bibliographique). Les bieres traditionnelles a base de sorgho sont produites dans plusieurs paysExpand
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Microbiological and physico-chemical characteristic of Rwandese traditional beer " Ikigage "
In this study, the genotoxic effects of ethion were investigated in the mitotic cell division of Allium cepa. Primary roots of A. cepa were treated with various concentrations (25, 50, 75, and 100%)Expand
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Impact of rhizosphere factors on cyclic lipopeptide signature from the plant beneficial strain Bacillus amyloliquefaciens S499.
Cyclic lipopeptides (cLPs) of the surfactin, iturin and fengycin families synthesized by plant-associated Bacilli represent an important class of antibiotics as they may be tightly involved in theExpand
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