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Correlation of plasma IGF-I concentrations andgrowth rate in aquacultured finfish: A tool forassessing the potential of new diets
Evidence suggested that measuring IGF-I concentration may provide a useful tool for monitoring fish growth rate and also as a method to rapidly assess different aquaculture diets. Expand
Biochemical responses of the striped mullet Mugil cephalus to oil exposure I. Acute responses—Interrenal activations and secondary stress responses
The results suggest that the volatile components of fuel oil in the water trigger the biochemical changes described in a dosedependent manner and the possible ecological significance of these changes and the potential use of these parameters as sublethal indicators of environmental contamination are discussed. Expand
Maintenance at elevated temperature delays the steroidogenic and ovulatory responsiveness of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss to luteinizing hormone releasing hormone analogue
Investigation of vitellogenic rainbow trout held at 12 or 18°C for 83 days and injected with either saline or luteinizing hormone releasing hormone analogue shows maintenance at elevated temperature retards steroidogenic responsiveness to LHRHA, or the shift in ovarian steroid secretion from E 2 to 17,20βP. Expand
Critical psychiatry in practice
The ideas of critical psychiatry are influencing a growing number of psychiatrists in Britain and elsewhere. In this article we examine the origins and development of critical psychiatry over theExpand
Consumption of Grape Seed Extract Prevents Amyloid-β Deposition and Attenuates Inflammation in Brain of an Alzheimer’s Disease Mouse
Conclusively, polyphenol-rich GSE prevents the Aβ deposition and attenuates the inflammation in the brain of a transgenic mouse model, and this thus is promising in delaying development of AD. Expand
An absolute scale for measuring the utility of money
Measurement of the utility of money is essential in the insurance industry, for prioritising public spending schemes and for the evaluation of decisions on protection systems in high-hazardExpand
Effect of vitamin E supplementation on hypoxia-induced oxidative damage in male albino rats.
The results indicate that vitamin E supplementation results in preventing oxidative damage due to high altitude stress. Expand
Effects of felodipine on haemodynamics and exercise capacity in patients with angina pectoris.
It is suggested that felodipine may provide useful additional benefits in patients with hypertension or angina pectoris, who are already receiving beta-adrenoceptor blockers. Expand
Self-repair in dialogues of schizophrenics: Effects of hallucinations and negative symptoms
It is found that schizophrenics with verbal hallucinations had a specific problem with self-repairing wrong instructions, and the framework of Hoffman's (1986b) plan disruption-based model of verbal hallucinations; the Frith (1987) and Frith and Done (1988) internal monitoring model of positive and negative symptoms; and finally Frithand Frith's (1990) model of negative and positive schizophrenia is used. Expand
Alterations in the GnRH-LH system in relation to gonadal stage and Aroclor 1254 exposure in Atlantic croaker.
An impairment of normal maturation of the GnRH-LH system during the gonadal recrudescence phase may be due to a direct action of PCB on GnRH neurons and/or indirectly via interference with other neurotransmitter pathways that modulate GnRH function. Expand