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Any Sound You Can Imagine: Making Music/Consuming Technology
From the Publisher: Theberge places recent technological developments within a broad social and historical perspective to illuminate the changing relationships between musical concepts, styles, and
Everyday Fandom: Fan Clubs, Blogging, and the Quotidian Rhythms of the Internet
Abstract: With the rise of the Internet, fans have engaged in a variety of online discussions related to their interests: newsgroups in the “alt.music” and “alt.fan” categories are full of groups
The Network Studio
This paper addresses how the emergence of the network studio, with its emphasis on standardized technologies and practices and its reliance on the virtual space of network communications, may have an impact upon and/or work alongside conventional recording studio practices.
‘Plugged in’: technology and popular music
Any discussion of the role of technology in popular music should begin with a simple premise: without electronic technology, popular music in the twenty-first century is unthinkable. As a point of
Historical and Technological Paths to a New Ideal in Music Making
In recent years, various forces within and outside the music industry - record producers, hardware and software suppliers, and Internet service providers - have created techniques and tools that
The Project Ahead: Some Thoughts on Developing a Popular Music Curriculum
Arguing that past attempts at introducing popular music into the curriculum have taken place primarily at the level of the individual course, the author argues that a more extensive and integrated
Consumers of technology : musical instrument innovations and the musicians' market
New kinds of microprocessor-based technologies have had an enormous impact since the early 1980s on popular music -- in the ways it is produced, published, recorded, as well as consumed by the public.