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Unbalance Voltage Sag Fault-Type Characterization Algorithm for Recorded Waveform
This paper presents a new algorithm, namely, a three-phase-angle algorithm, for accurate characterization of three-phase unbalanced voltage sags, associated with line-to-line andExpand
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Assessment of induction motor performance under voltage unbalance condition
This paper presents a new algorithm to determine the phase angle of voltage unbalance factor (VUF) from line voltages and also validated through test data. Validation results in negligible error. TheExpand
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Type detection of voltage sags through voltage unbalance factor
This paper presents a new method to characterize and detect the type of voltage sag through complex voltage unbalance factor (CVUF). Different types of voltage dip due to unbalance faults in powerExpand
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Scaling of ground motions and its implications to plan-asymmetric structures
Abstract Ground motions are often scaled to certain convenient target spectra in the response assessment of structures. While uniform hazard spectrum (UHS) is more widely used, conditional meanExpand
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CRM with data mining & warehouse: "optimizes customer insight"
Understanding customer behavior is important to adjusting business strategies, increasing revenues, identifying new opportunities and expanding business activities. The vital importance of suchExpand
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An efficient game-theoretic approach for resource management in Cloud Federation
Cloud Federation is an emerging technology for the effective utilization of cloud resources. Effective management of resources is very much required in order to increase the profits of individualExpand
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Burnout among Teacher Educators
This study has attempted to explore burnout level among teacher educators. For the purpose of the study a sample of 50 full-time and 100 part- time teacher educators was selected randomly fromExpand
Catheterization related urethral injury in periphery due to improper technique
Background and Objectives: Catheterization related urethral injury (CRUI), particularly in men, is common and produces significant morbidity. However, it seems to have gathered little interest ofExpand