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Globalization in Question. The International Economy and the Possibilities of Governance
Introduction: globalization - a necessary myth? Globalization and the history of the international economy trade, foreign direct investment and international inequality multinational corporations andExpand
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A roster of world cities
Abstract Although there is a general consensus on which are the leading world cities, there is no agreed-upon roster covering world cities below the highest level. This paper reports the constructionExpand
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Strategy and Financial Policy in UK Small Firms
There is growing evidence that capital structure and firm strategy are linked but most studies to date have focused on large, publicly quoted firms, with little attention given to small andExpand
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Inclusive fitness theory and eusociality
Arising from M. A. Nowak, C. E. Tarnita & E. O. Wilson 466, 1057–1062 (2010)10.1038/nature09205; Nowak et al. replyNowak et al. argue that inclusive fitness theory has been of little value inExpand
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The Relationship between Capital Structure and Ownership Structure: New Evidence from Jordanian Panel Data
Purpose - The study aims to investigate the comparatively under-researched relationship between ownership structure and capital structure in an emerging market. It is also one of the first studies toExpand
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Leading World Cities: Empirical Evaluations of Urban Nodes in Multiple Networks
This is an empirical paper that uses an interlocking network model to evaluate the importance of leading world cities within contemporary globalisation. Cities are treated as locales through whichExpand
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Advanced Producer Service Firms as Strategic Networks, Global Cities as Strategic Places
Abstract Sassen’s identification of global cities as “strategic places” is explored through world city network analysis. This involves searching out advanced producer service (APS) firms thatExpand
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Global Urban Analysis: A Survey of Cities in Globalization
Global Urban Analysis provides a unique insight into the contemporary world economy through a focus on cities. It is based upon a large-scale customized data collection on how leading businesses useExpand
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Hierarchical tendencies amongst world cities: a global research proposal
Abstract This is a plea for global-scale analyses of social change with particular reference to the study of the hypothesis that there is a world city hierarchy. Data deficiencies (state-centrism andExpand
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