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Roles of Arabidopsis ATP/ADP isopentenyltransferases and tRNA isopentenyltransferases in cytokinin biosynthesis
This work clarifies the long-standing questions of the biosynthetic routes for isopentenyladenine-, tZ-, and cZ-type cytokinin production.
Auxin regulation of cytokinin biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana: a factor of potential importance for auxin-cytokinin-regulated development.
The demonstration of shoot-localized synthesis, together with data demonstrating that auxin imposes a very rapid regulation of cytokinin biosynthesis, illustrates that the two hormones can interact also on the metabolic level in controlling plant development, and that the aerial part of the plant has the capacity to synthesize its own cytokinIn independent of long-range transport from the root system.
Cytokinins are central regulators of cambial activity
It can be concluded that cytokinin are important regulators of cambium development and that production of cytokinins in either the root or shoot is sufficient for normal development of both the root and shoot.
Cytokinin Regulation of Auxin Synthesis in Arabidopsis Involves a Homeostatic Feedback Loop Regulated via Auxin and Cytokinin Signal Transduction[W][OA]
This study demonstrates that auxin and cytokinin regulate each other's biosynthesis, providing an intrinsic mechanism for optimizing the relative intracellular concentrations of both hormones.
Identification of Rhodococcus fascians cytokinins and their modus operandi to reshape the plant
It is postulate that the R. fascians pathology is based on the local and persistent secretion of an array of CKs, and that the CK perception machinery is induced upon infection, underlining its central role in the symptomatology.
Cytokinin signaling regulates cambial development in poplar
The results show that cytokinins are major hormonal regulators required for cambial development, and a reduced level of cytokinin signaling is the primary basis for the impaired cambIAL growth observed.
Spatiotemporal Regulation of Lateral Root Organogenesis in Arabidopsis by Cytokinin[W]
The results support the idea that stage-dependent effects of cytokinin are determined by the robustness of the auxin gradient, which might be enhanced in mature primordia, and demonstrate that young LRP are more sensitive to perturbations in the cytkinin activity than are developmentally more advanced primordias.
The POLARIS Peptide of Arabidopsis Regulates Auxin Transport and Root Growth via Effects on Ethylene Signaling[OA]
A mechanism whereby PLS negatively regulates ethylene responses to modulate cell division and expansion via downstream effects on microtubule cytoskeleton dynamics and auxin signaling, thereby influencing root growth and lateral root development is suggested.
The Arabidopsis AtIPT8/PGA22 Gene Encodes an Isopentenyl Transferase That Is Involved in De Novo Cytokinin Biosynthesis1
A functional screen to identify Arabidopsis gain-of-function mutations that enable shoot formation in the absence of exogenous cytokinins indicated that PGA22 encodes an isopentenyl transferase (IPT) previously identified as AtIPT8, and a detailed characterization of pga22, a representative mutant from this collection, is reported.