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Inland Fishes of India and Adjacent Countries
This text gives a description of the 930 recognised fish species that teem the inland waters of India and adjacent countries. It provides for each species data on diagnostic features, colour, size,Expand
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Commercial sea fishes of India
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Studies on the food and feeding relationships of the halfbeak fishes (Hemirhamphidae) from the gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay.
As a part of the investigations of the biology of the hemirhamphids in the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay from 1957-59, the contents of 2221 guts belonging to four species, viz., Hyporhamphus georgiiExpand
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Studies on the biology of Hemirhamphus marginatus(Forskal) (Hemirhamphidae—Pisces)
Investigations on the biology of the common species of hemirhamphids in the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay was initiated in 1957. The biology of Hyporhamphus georgii (C.V.) has already been dealt withExpand
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On a new eel-like fish of the genusPillaia Yazdani (Pisces: Mastacembeloidei) from India
A new species,Pillaia khajuriai from the plains of the Assam region, is described based on material collected by the Indo-German Expedition 1957.
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  • P. Talwar
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • Indian journal of psychiatry
  • 1 October 1998
This study attempts to find a relationship between factors in the family, peer group, and levels of adolescent aggression. 148 adolescents and their mothers were studied. It was found that negativeExpand
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On the generic relationship of the sciaenid fish Bola chaptis Hamilton, with a description of specimens from Burma
A species of sciaenid fishes is described from Burmese waters and identified with Bola chaptis Hamilton. On account of the structure of its swim-bladder and other features it is placed in the sameExpand
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