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Cigarette smoke inhibits oocyte cumulus complex pick-up by the oviduct in vitro independent of ciliary beat frequency.
Data show that oocyte cumulus complex pick-up rate and ciliary beat frequency can be uncoupled and that smoke solutions inhibit oocyte Cumulus complexPick-Up rate by affecting factors in addition to ciliaryBeat frequency. Expand
A triple-stain technique for evaluating normal acrosome reactions of human sperm.
A triple-stain technique has been developed to score normal acrosome-reacted human sperm in fixed smears and shows that trypan blue is a reliable stain for dead sperm and that Rose Bengal stains only sperm having intact acrosomes. Expand
An ultrastructural comparison of soft and hardened spermatophores from the crayfish Pacifastacus leniusculus Dana
The spermatophore of the crayfish Pacifastacus leniusculus consists of two main parts: a sperm mass composed of sperm embedded in a dense fibrillar matrix and an acellular wall which surrounds theExpand
Abnormal zonae pellucidae in mice lacking ZP1 result in early embryonic loss.
Although mouse ZP1 is not essential for sperm binding or fertilization, it is required for the structural integrity of the zona pellucida to minimize precocious hatching and reduced fecundity. Expand
Ciliary beat frequency of hamster oviducts is decreased in vitro by exposure to solutions of mainstream and sidestream cigarette smoke.
All smoke solutions except the SS particulate solution inhibited CBF in a dose-dependent manner, and whole MS and whole SS smoke solution at the highest strength tested caused the greatest inhibition and in some cases completely stopped ciliary beating. Expand
Sperm binding to the zona pellucida is not sufficient to induce acrosome exocytosis
The observed de novo binding of Acr3-EGFP sperm to embryos derived from huZP2 rescue mice supports a `zona scaffold' model of sperm-egg recognition in which intact ZP2 dictates a three-dimensional structure supportive of sperm binding, independent of fertilization and cortical granule exocytosis. Expand
Mammalian cortical granules: Contents, fate, and function
The phenomena of ZP hardening in mammalian zygotes is not well understood but is likely to function in blocking polyspermic penetration of the ZP and/or in protecting embryos during preimplantation development. Expand
Perivitelline space of mammalian oocytes: Extracellular matrix of unfertilized oocytes and formation of a cortical granule envelope following fertilization
By including ruthenium red during fixation, it is possible to demonstrate the existence of cortical granule exudate in the PVS of fertilized oocytes from hamsters, mice, and humans. Expand
Cigarette smoke inhalation affects the reproductive system of female hamsters.
Experimental observations show that components in both MS and SS smoke, when delivered at levels comparable to those human smokers receive, can affect the ovary, oviduct, and uterus. Expand