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A touchstone of dissent: Euroscepticism in contemporary Western European party systems
With the recent acceleration of the integration process of the European Union there has been a rise in political parties expressing either scepticism or outright criticism of the nature of theExpand
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Populism and representative politics in contemporary Europe
In this paper I apply the definition of populism that I laid out in P. Taggart, Populism (Buckingham: Open University Press, 2000) and argue that recent developments in Europe provide a fertileExpand
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The party politics of euroscepticism in EU member and candidate states
This paper present results of research into party-based Euroscepticism in twenty-five countries. After offering a conceptualisation of Euroscepticism and of two different forms of it, the paper mapsExpand
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Theorising Party-Based Euroscepticism: Problems of Definition, Measurement and Causality
This paper seeks to address and move forward the debate on these two controversial theoretical issues. It surveys the current Literature and attempts to draw conclusions in terms of where the debateExpand
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Populism and the Pathology of Representative Politics
The study of populism is, like the phenomenon itself, limited in scope and duration, and somewhat episodic. It seems that populism acquires a certain intellectual currency at irregular intervals butExpand
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New populist parties in Western Europe
This article addresses the electoral success of far right political parties in West European party systems and suggests that there is a new type of party ‐ the New Populist. Differentiating betweenExpand
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Oxford handbook of populism
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The PopuList: an overview of populist, far right, far left and Eurosceptic parties in Europe
The PopuList is a peer-reviewed list of populist, far right, far left and Eurosceptic parties that obtained at least 2% of the vote in at least one national parliamentary election since 1998. TheExpand
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Contemporary Euroscepticism in the party systems of the European Union candidate states of Central and Eastern Europe
This article examines party-based Euroscepticism in the candidate states of Central and Eastern Europe. In an attempt to develop comparative lessons from the different cases, it presents researchExpand
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