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Event-Triggered Real-Time Scheduling of Stabilizing Control Tasks
  • P. Tabuada
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control
  • 17 September 2007
A real-time scheduler could be regarded as a feedback controller that decides which task is executed at any given instant. Expand
Verification and Control of Hybrid Systems - A Symbolic Approach
Hybrid systems describe the interaction of software, described by finite models such as finite-state machines, with the physical world,described by infinite models such a differential equations. Expand
Control Barrier Function Based Quadratic Programs for Safety Critical Systems
This paper develops a methodology that allows safety conditions—expressed as control barrier functions—to be unified with performance objectives—expression as control Lyapunov functions—in the context of real-time optimization-based controllers. Expand
Secure Estimation and Control for Cyber-Physical Systems Under Adversarial Attacks
The vast majority of today's critical infrastructure is supported by numerous feedback control loops and an attack on these control loops can have disastrous consequences. Expand
Control barrier function based quadratic programs with application to adaptive cruise control
This paper develops a control methodology that unifies control barrier functions and control Lyapunov functions through quadratic programs. Expand
To Sample or not to Sample: Self-Triggered Control for Nonlinear Systems
We present a novel technique that abandons the periodicity assumption by using the current state of the plant to decide the next time instant in which the state should be measured, the control law computed, and the actuators updated. Expand
An introduction to event-triggered and self-triggered control
This paper provides an introduction to event- and self-triggered control systems where sensing and actuation is performed when needed. Expand
Control Barrier Functions: Theory and Applications
This paper provides an introduction and overview of recent work on control barrier functions and their use to verify and enforce safety properties in the context of (optimization based) safetycritical controllers. Expand
Approximately Bisimilar Symbolic Models for Incrementally Stable Switched Systems
This paper describes one particular approach to address these different objectives based on the construction of approximately equivalent (bisimilar) symbolic models for switched systems. Expand
Verification and Control of Hybrid Systems
In what case do you like reading so much? What about the type of the verification and control of hybrid systems book? The needs to read? Well, everybody has their own reason why should read someExpand