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Self-expanding nitinol stents for the treatment of tracheal collapse in dogs: 12 cases (2001-2004).
OBJECTIVE To evaluate long-term outcome following nitinol stent placement in dogs with tracheal collapse. DESIGN Retrospective case series. ANIMALS 12 client-owned dogs with endoscopicallyExpand
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Use of nitinol stents for end-stage tracheal collapse in dogs.
OBJECTIVE To report bronchoscopic placement of nitinol stents (Vet Stent-Trachea®) for improvement of end-stage clinical signs in dogs with tracheal collapse. STUDY DESIGN Case series. SAMPLEExpand
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Humoral Immunity to Commensal Oral Bacteria in Human Infants: Salivary Secretory Immunoglobulin A Antibodies Reactive withStreptococcus mitis biovar 1, Streptococcus oralis, Streptococcus mutans,
ABSTRACT Secretory immunoglobulin A (SIgA) antibodies reactive with the pioneer oral streptococci Streptococcus mitis biovar 1 andStreptococcus oralis, the late oral colonizerStreptococcus mutans,Expand
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Comparison of 99mTcO4(-) trans-splenic portal scintigraphy with per-rectal portal scintigraphy for diagnosis of portosystemic shunts in dogs.
OBJECTIVE To evaluate trans-splenic portal scintigraphy (TSPS) and per-rectal portal scintigraphy (PRPS) for diagnosis of congenital portosystemic shunts (CPSS) in dogs, and compare these resultsExpand
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Comparison of first-intention healing of carbon dioxide laser, 4.0-MHz radiosurgery, and scalpel incisions in ball pythons (Python regius).
OBJECTIVE To evaluate first-intention healing of CO(2) laser, 4.0-MHz radiowave radiosurgery (RWRS), and scalpel incisions in ball pythons (Python regius). ANIMALS 6 healthy adult ball pythons. Expand
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Humoral Immunity to Commensal Oral Bacteria in Human Infants: Salivary Antibodies Reactive with Actinomyces naeslundii Genospecies 1 and 2 during Colonization
ABSTRACT The secretory immune response in saliva to colonization byActinomyces naeslundii genospecies 1 and 2 was studied in 10 human infants from birth to 2 years of age. Actinomycesspecies were notExpand
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Laparoscopic-assisted ovariectomy of tigers (Panthera tigris) with the use of the LigaSure device.
Laparoscopic ovariectomy was performed in seven tigers with the use of a vessel-sealing device and a three-port technique. A comparison group of seven tigers that underwent traditionalExpand
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Abstract: A prospective study to assess changes in selected plasma biochemistry and electrolyte values, plasma insulin and aldosterone concentrations, and electrocardiography (ECG) was performed onExpand
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Trachea and Bronchi
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Characterization of multiple acquired portosystemic shunts using transplenic portal scintigraphy.
We describe the scintigraphic patterns observed in 14 patients with confirmed multiple portosystemic shunts imaged via transplenic portal scintigraphy. Parameters evaluated included presence ofExpand
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