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Evaluation of sugarcane genotypes for high water use efficiency and thermostability tolerance under imposed moisture stress at formative stage
Fourteen sugarcane genotypes were screened for traits contributing to high water use efficiency (WUE) and temperature tolerance in a field experiment by imposing moisture stress at formative phaseExpand
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SGDB: A Sugarcane Germplasm Database
Collection, conservation, characterization, maintenance and utilization of plant genetic resources are essential components of crop improvement programs. Sugarcane Germplasm Database was developedExpand
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Kernel quality traits
Nutrition plays an important role in growth and energy gain in living organisms. To identify good quality kernels, this chapter provides information on estimation of proteins and oil usingExpand
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Preclinical toxicological evaluation of Aloe vera health drinks in wistar rats
Human consumption of Aloe vera as a beverage has recently increased in popularity. These benefits are controversial with some sources pointing out that the putative effects of aloe are unsupported byExpand
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Chapter 17 – Analytical techniques
Estimation of biochemical traits using different types of analytical techniques is explained in this section. The description, principle, and objectives of ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer andExpand
In Ayurveda Tundikeri is explained under diseases of oral cavity. This disease is grossly explained in Ayurvedic literature under classifications of Kanthagata and TalugataRoga. It is mainlyExpand
Review Article A COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW OF ETIO-PATHOGENESIS OF TUNDIKERI Jindal Radha*, Jindal Dilbag, Kulkarni Reena, U Shailaja, Powar Sudhakar PG Scholar, Department of Post Graduate Studies inExpand
Reengineering Legacy to Modern System with One Time Checker for Information System Evolution
We propose a Reengineering model namely Reengineering Legacy to Modern (RL2M) system to demonstrate how modern system could be obtained by converting a legacy sys tem or application. Expand
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Tissue water related traits
Crop plants greatly vary in maintaining tissue water content under moisture stress conditions. Adoption level of genotypes which maintain higher tissue water content under extreme climatic conditionsExpand
Other drought-tolerant traits
Other methods of screening genotypes for drought tolerance, viz., relative water content, chlorophyll stability index, specific leaf nitrogen, mineral ash content, and leaf characteristics includingExpand