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Linguistic focus and good-enough representations: An application of the change-detection paradigm
A number of lines of study suggest that word meanings are not always fully exploited in comprehension. In two experiments, we used a text-change paradigm to study depth of semantic processing duringExpand
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Semantic re-interpretation and garden path recovery
  • P. Sturt
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Cognition
  • 1 November 2007
Participant's eye-movements were recorded while they read locally ambiguous sentences. Evidence for processing difficulty was found when the interpretation of the initially preferred misanalysisExpand
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Lingering misinterpretations of garden path sentences arise from competing syntactic representations
Recent work has suggested that readers’ initial and incorrect interpretation of temporarily ambiguous (‘‘garden path’’) sentences (e.g., Christianson, Hollingworth, Halliwell, & Ferreira, 2001)Expand
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Monotonic Syntactic Processing : A Cross-linguistic Study of Attachment and Reanalysis
This paper describes a new addition to the family of parsing models based on the principles of Description Theory (Marcus, Hindle, & Fleck, 1983) which is more constrained than previous Description Theory based models. Expand
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Processing definitional and stereotypical gender in reference resolution: Evidence from eye-movements
Readers immediately slow down when an anaphor (e.g. herself) refers to an antecedent that mismatches in stereotypical gender (e.g. minister). The mismatch-cost has been attributed to a clash betweenExpand
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Structural change and reanalysis difficulty in language comprehension
Abstract Many theories of parsing predict that the difficulty of syntactic reanalysis depends on the type of structural change involved. However, most existing experimental data show that reanalysisExpand
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Underspecification and Anaphora: Theoretical Issues and Preliminary Evidence
A class of anaphoric expressions that do not appear to have a clear antecedent, referring to data from both corpus analysis and psycholinguistic experiments. Expand
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Predictive processing of syntactic structure: Sluicing and ellipsis in real-time sentence processing
This paper investigates the prediction of syntactic structure during sentence processing, using constructions that temporarily allow a sluicing interpretation in English. Expand
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A New Look at the Syntax-Discourse Interface: The Use of Binding Principles in Sentence Processing
  • P. Sturt
  • Medicine, Computer Science
  • Journal of psycholinguistic research
  • 1 March 2003
We explore the role of syntactic and discourse preferences in terms of the time course with which they become active during sentence comprehension, even in cases in which the final interpretation suggests otherwise. Expand
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What is the Source of L1 Attrition? The Effect of Recent L1 Re-exposure on Spanish Speakers under L1 Attrition
The recent hypothesis that L1 attrition affects the ability to process interface structures but not knowledge representations (Sorace, 2011) is tested by investigating the effects of recent L1Expand
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