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A Model of Pulsars
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Evidence for a fundamental period of the sun and its relation to the 154 day complex of periodicities
We have analyzed the longitude distributions of major flares observed in the 1955-1991 interval, referring them to coordinate systems rotating about axes tilted with respect to the rotation axis ofExpand
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The 154-day and related periodicities of solar activity as subharmonics of a fundamental period
IN 1984 a periodicity of 154 days was found in the record of solar flare activity1 from 1980 to 1983. Since then, the same periodicity has been found in many different measures of solar flareExpand
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Search for evidence of a clock related to the solar 154 day complex of periodicities
Evidence that has recently been compiled (Bai and Sturrock 1991) indicates that the enigmatic 154-day periodicity in solar activity may be viewed as part of a complex of periodicities that areExpand
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Force-free magnetic fields - The magneto-frictional method
The problem under discussion is that of calculating magnetic field configurations in which the Lorentz force j x B is everywhere zero, subject to specified boundary conditions. We choose to representExpand
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The 152-day periodicity of the solar flare occurrence rate
The occurrence rate of solar flares exhibits a periodicity of about 152 days. This periodicity was discovered from analyses of flares observed with the Solar Maximum Mission (SMM), and confirmed byExpand
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Plasma Physics: An Introduction to the Theory of Astrophysical, Geophysical and Laboratory Plasmas
1. Introduction 2. Basic concepts 3. Orbit theory - uniform fields 4. Adiabatic invariants 5. Orbit theory 6. Electromagnetic waves in a cold electron plasma 7. Electromagnetic waves in anExpand
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Calcium carbonate crystallization kinetics
Abstract The kinetics of crystallization of calcium carbonate were studied by following changes in pH only on batch solutions of CaCl 2 , NaHCO 3 and NaOH in the presence of calcite seed crystals.Expand
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Two-Fluid Model of the Solar Wind
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