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Aristotle’s Theory of Language and Meaning
Thought and Meaning As a mode of sensory representation, phantasia is well placed to secure the reference of a common noun such as cat. An image derived from the perception of one cat resembles otherExpand
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The foundations of Aristotle's categorial scheme
Aristotle's Categories had an unparalleled influence on the history of metaphysical speculation. Despite its influence, however, two fundamental questions remain to this day unanswered: (1) how didExpand
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Aristotle's Category of Quantity: A Unified Interpretation
Aristotle provides two different treatments of the category of quantity: one in Categories V and one in Metaphysics V 7. Interestingly (and perhaps not surprisingly) the treatments differ inExpand
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Aristotle’s Early and Late Ontologies
There is a very deep tension that exists at the heart of Aristotle’s metaphysical system in virtue of the fact that his works seem to contain two distinct and not obviously commensurate ontologies:Expand
The Body Problem in Aristotle
ion (for he theorizes after leaving out all that is sensible)... and keeping only continuous quantity, either in one, two or three dimensions, he investigates the attributes of these qua quantitiesExpand
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Aristotle's Categorial Scheme
Aristotle's Category of Quality: A Regimented Interpretation
In Chapter Eight of the Categories, Aristotle divides the genus, quality, into four species: (1) habits and dispositions; (2) natural capabilities and incapabilities; (3) affective qualities andExpand
On the Several Senses of ‘Form’ in Aristotle
Aristotle, it is well known, seems to make conflicting statements about the nature of form. The most striking such confl ict concerns form’s priority. In the Categories, Aristotle says that  isExpand
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Endogenous Game Theoretic Deontology
We examine current approaches to modeling deontology with game theory in the context of whether the agents in those approaches are autonomous in terms of both components. Expand