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Crystal and molecular structure of the depsipeptide ionophore Hexadecaisoleucinomycin, cyclo‐[‐(D‐Ile‐L‐Lac‐L‐Ile‐D‐Hyi)4‐] (C80H136N8O24)
The crystal structure of a synthetic depsipeptide ionophore hexadecaisoleucinomycin, cyclo[‐(D‐Ile‐L‐Lac‐L‐Ile‐D‐Hyi)4‐] (C80H136N8O24), has been determined by single crystal x‐ray diffraction
Receptor model for the molecular basis of tissue selectivity of 1,4-dihydropyridine calcium channel drugs
A molecular-level detailed model of the 1,4-DHP receptor binding site has been built from the published amino acid sequence of the 215-1 subunit of the voltage-dependent calcium channel isolated from rabbit skeletal muscle transverse tubule membranes.
Molecular structures of metabolites and analogues of diethylstilbestrol and their relationship to receptor binding and biological activity.
Comparison of the observed conformations of I, II, III, DES, and estradiol suggests that it is the alpha-ring of I and II that minics the steroid A-ring in receptor binding, and that two of the four possible alpha- ring/A-ring matches are most conducive to eliciting hormone activity.