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Physicians' Persistence and its Implications for Their Response to Promotion of Prescription Drugs
We investigate whether physicians exhibit structural persistence in drug choice, and we investigate the role of promotional tools on persistence and drug choice. Expand
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The Relationship Between Customer Loyalty and Purchase Incidence
Little is known about customer loyalty to brands over many dozens or even hundreds of purchases. In this paper we describe, and seek to explain, such patterns of loyalty in two very differentExpand
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Can branded drugs benefit from generic entry? The role of detailing and price in switching to non-bioequivalent molecules
Patent expiration represents a turning point not only for the brand losing patent protection, as bioequivalent generic versions of the drug quickly enter the market at reduced prices, but also forExpand
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Marketing knowledge and the value of segmentation
This paper reports findings from a study into how marketing academics and MBA students view segmentation. The research indicates that both respondent groups view segmentation as being more valuableExpand
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The Company-State: Corporate Sovereignty and the Early Modern Foundations of the British Empire in India
The Company-State rethinks the nature of the early English East India Company as a form of polity and corporate sovereign well before its supposed transformation into a state and empire in theExpand
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‘Shockvertising’: An exploratory investigation into attitudinal variations and emotional reactions to shock advertising
This study compares the reactions towards shock advertising in for-profit (FP) and not-for-profit (NFP) organizations. Although the use of shocking advertisements is a growing phenomenon, theExpand
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Established hand infections: a controlled, prospective study.
A randomized, prospective study of 200 consecutive established hand infections was designed to compare the efficacy of two antibiotics, cefamandole and nafcillin. Bacteriologic data revealed 63.5% ofExpand
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Selected acute infections.
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What Can the Brand Manager Expect from Facebook?
Managers cannot afford to ignore social media and have stepped up their involvement in the belief that social media activities extend the brand's reach and engagement with consumers. Facebook is theExpand
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Patterns of pharmaceutical prescribing.
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