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Modern Supramolecular Chemistry: Strategies for Macrocycle Synthesis
Cyclophanes Resorcinarene and calixarene synthesis Supramolecular Metallomacrocycles Supramolecular macrocycle synthesis by H-bonding assembly Supramolecular macrocycle synthesis by metal ionExpand
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Modern acetylene chemistry
Part 1 Modern computational and theoretical aspects of acetylene chemistry, Dietmar A. Plattner et al: electronic structures of acetylene and monoacetylenes reactivities and molecular interactions ofExpand
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Acetylene chemistry : chemistry, biology and material science
SYNTHESIS.Addition of Terminal Acetylides to C=O and C=N Electrophiles.Synthesis of Heterocycles and Carbocycles via Electrophilic Cyclization of Alkynes.Transition Metal Acetylides.ADVANCEDExpand
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Supramolecular coordination: self-assembly of finite two- and three-dimensional ensembles.
Fascination with supramolecular chemistry over the last few decades has led to the synthesis of an ever-increasing number of elegant and intricate functional structures with sizes that approachExpand
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Biomedical and biochemical applications of self-assembled metallacycles and metallacages.
Metal ions and metal complexes with organic molecules are ubiquitous in nature. Bulk metal ions of Na, K, Mg, and Ca constitute as much as 1% of human body weight. The remaining trace ions, mostExpand
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Self-assembly of nanoscale cuboctahedra by coordination chemistry
Self-assembled polyhedral structures are common in biology. The coats of many viruses, for example, have a structure based on icosahedral symmetry. The preparation of synthetic polyhedral molecularExpand
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