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Emotion regulation as a transdiagnostic treatment construct across anxiety, depression, substance, eating and borderline personality disorders: A systematic review.
A large body of research has implicated difficulties in emotion regulation as central to the development and maintenance of psychopathology. Emotion regulation has therefore been proposed as aExpand
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Children with persistent conduct problems who dropout of treatment
Abstract Dropout of treatment is one of the key issues in outcome in a child and adolescent mental health service. We report two studies focusing on the treatment process and the dropout rate ofExpand
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The influence of sensitivity to reward on reactivity to alcohol-related cues.
AIMS To investigate the role of sensitivity to reward in mediating social drinkers' reactivity to alcohol cues. DESIGN A standard cue-reactivity paradigm was employed. Two groups of social drinkersExpand
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Expanding children's food experiences: the impact of a school-based kitchen garden program.
OBJECTIVE Evaluate achievement of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program in increasing child appreciation of diverse, healthy foods. DESIGN Comparative 2-year study. SETTING Six programExpand
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Does the tendency to act impulsively underlie binge eating and alcohol use problems? An empirical investigation
The co-occurrence of problem drinking and binge eating and purging has been well documented. However, there has been relatively little investigation of etiological models that may influence theExpand
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The association between sports participation, alcohol use and aggression and violence: a systematic review.
OBJECTIVES To review the current research on alcohol-related violence and sports participation. METHODS The Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses guidelines were usedExpand
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Personality and responses to appetitive and aversive stimuli: the joint influence of behavioural approach and behavioural inhibition systems
Gray’s reinforcement sensitivity theory (RST) posits two separable neurological systems involved in the regulation of personality and behaviour. The behavioural approach and inhibition systemsExpand
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Children who are Cruel to Animals: A Revisit
Objective: There is a paucity of research regarding children who are cruel to animals (CTA). Previous studies have suggested that being CTAis linked with recurrent aggression in adulthood. In thisExpand
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After 30 years of dissemination, have we achieved sustained practice change in motivational interviewing?
AIMS Motivational interviewing (MI) is the most successfully disseminated evidence-based practice in the substance use disorder (SUD) treatment field. This systematic review considers two questionsExpand
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"As long as it doesn't spill over into class": harms arising from students` alcohol use, and the role of policy in reducing them
While there is considerable evidence about the prevalence of student alcohol use, little empirical work has examined the range and level of exposure to alcohol-related risks facing studentExpand
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