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A large-scale chemical modification screen identifies design rules to generate siRNAs with high activity, high stability and low toxicity
The use of chemically synthesized short interfering RNAs (siRNAs) is currently the method of choice to manipulate gene expression in mammalian cell culture, yet improvements of siRNA design isExpand
Five- and six-membered conformationally locked 2',4'-carbocyclic ribo-thymidines: synthesis, structure, and biochemical studies.
Two unusual reactions involving the 5-hexenyl or the 6-heptenyl radical cyclization of a distant double bond at C4' and the radical center at C2' of the ribofuranose ring of thymidine have been usedExpand
A radical cyclization route to cyclic imines
A novel route to cyclic imines based on 5-exo radical cyclization is explored. The radical precursors are imines prepared from allylamine and readily available alpha-phenylselenenyl ketones.
Design and synthesis of nucleolipids as possible activated precursors for oligomer formation via intramolecular catalysis: stability study and supramolecular organization
BackgroundFatty acid vesicles are an important part of protocell models currently studied. As protocells can be considered as pre-biological precursors of cells, the models try to contribute to aExpand
Incorporation of Amino Acids with Long-Chain Terminal Olefins into Proteins
The increasing need for site-specific protein decorations that mimic natural posttranslational modifications requires access to a variety of noncanonical amino acids with moieties enablingExpand
Mutant Variants of the Substrate-Binding Protein DppA from Escherichia coli Enhance Growth on Nonstandard γ-Glutamyl Amide-Containing Peptides
ABSTRACT The import of nonnatural molecules is a recurring problem in fundamental and applied aspects of microbiology. The dipeptide permease (Dpp) of Escherichia coli is an ABC-type multicomponentExpand
Overcoming the membrane barrier: Recruitment of γ-glutamyl transferase for intracellular release of metabolic cargo from peptide vectors.
Semipermeable membranes of cells frequently pose an obstacle in metabolic engineering by limiting uptake of substrates, intermediates, or xenobiotics. Previous attempts to overcome this barrierExpand
Palladium-catalyzed Sonogashira cross-coupling of organic tellurides with alkynes
Alkyl aryl tellurides and a tellurol ester were used as coupling partners in Pd(0)-catalyzed Sonogashira reactions. Microwave-assisted reactions of alkyl aryl tellurides with alkynes in the presenceExpand
Achiral, acyclic nucleic acids: synthesis and biophysical studies of a possible prebiotic polymer.
The search for prebiotic, nucleic acid precursors is, at its best, a speculative undertaking. Given the complex structure of RNA, it is not very likely that RNA was the first information system inExpand