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High-temperature anodized WO3 nanoplatelet films for photosensitive devices.
X-ray diffraction analysis revealed that the as-prepared anodized samples contain predominantly hydrated tungstite phases depending on voltage, while films annealed at 400 degrees C for 4 h are predominantly orthorhombic WO3 phase.
Fluorescence lifetime measurements using a novel fiber‐optic laser scanning confocal microscope
The novel design of a fiber‐optic laser scanning confocal microscope is described. The optical fiber acts as a flexible light path for both the excitation and return beams and as the confocal pinhole
Splitting of photoluminescent emission from nitrogen?vacancy centers in diamond induced by ion-damage-induced stress
We report a systematic investigation on the spectral splitting of negatively charged, nitrogen?vacancy (NV?) photoluminescent emission in single-crystal diamond induced by strain engineering. The
Electrostatically defined few-electron double quantum dot in silicon
A few-electron double quantum dot was fabricated using metal-oxide-semiconductor-compatible technology and low-temperature transport measurements were performed to study the energy spectrum of the
Synthesis of Nanostructured Tungsten Oxide Thin Films: A Simple, Controllable, Inexpensive, Aqueous Sol−Gel Method
Among the available metal oxide nanostructures, tungsten oxide has remained, at times, troublesome to fabricate, with many synthetic methods often requiring exotic equipment and or reagents. In this
Platinum/Graphene Nanosheet/SiC Contacts and Their Application for Hydrogen Gas Sensing
Pt/graphene nanosheet/SiC based devices are fabricated and characterized and their performances toward hydrogen gas are investigated. The graphene nanosheets are synthesized via the reduction of
A Comparative Study of Carbonate Determination in Human Teeth Using Raman Spectroscopy
The aim of this comparative study was to test the suitability of these four methods for the determination of B-type carbonate in human enamel and dentine and found the use of a multiple-band spectral fitting model produced the highest determination precision.
Photophysics and Intracellular Distribution of a Boronated Porphyrin Phototherapeutic Agent
Time‐resolved confocal fluorescence imaging of the intracellular distribution of BOPP in C6 glioma cells indicates distinct subcellular localization and heterogeneity of emission, which is interpreted and discussed in terms of the possible mechanisms for cellular uptake and localization.
Plasma-enabled growth of single-crystalline SiC/AlSiC Core–Shell nanowires on porous alumina templates
We report the catalyst-free synthesis of the arrays of core–shell, ultrathin, size-uniform SiC/AlSiC nanowires on the top of a periodic anodic aluminum oxide template. The nanowires were grown using