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NSensor - Wireless Sensor Network for Environmental Monitoring
The development and integration of a wireless sensor network for environmental monitoring that includes modularity, low power consumption and ease of expansion is reported. Expand
Assisted Creation and Deployment of Javascript Remote Experiments
This work presents a method to easily develop remote experiments interfaces in Javascript and to quickly embed them in Moodle, which requires the use of Easy Java/Javascript Simulations for the development of the interfaces and the EJSApp Moodle plugin to deploy them in the web platform. Expand
Wireless control and network management of door locks
This demo exemplifies the use of different wireless protocols, such as BLE and NFC, to manage and control multiple door locks, through a wireless protocol, MiWi™. Expand
Monitoring system for cold storages
This work describes a monitoring system for cold storages that includes: temperature, relative humidity, electric power and the state of the access door and the capability was tested in real-life applications. Expand
Smartphone robot for high school students: RobHiSS
This project arose from the absence in the market of a modular smartphone controlled robot capable of encouraging high school students to program and apply the physics and math's knowledge learnedExpand
Modular System for Cold Storage Monitoring
The development of an embedded electronic-based monitoring system suitable for cold-storage electrical equipment that uses a touchscreen and provides sensors for temperature, relative humidity, electric power consumption and detection of door position is described. Expand