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Generic and Specific Skills as Components of Human Capital: New Challenges for Education Theory and Practice
Human capital theory in recent decades has become the basis for educational policy in many developed countries. Expert discussions, however, often undervalue research findings and developments
Vision and Mission of Sociology: Learning from the Russian Historical Experience
The present study demonstrates that the path of the “organic public sociology” (proposed by Michael Burowoy in his famous call of the 2004) as the dominating mode of sociological practice in the
‘Global sociology’ in different disciplinary practices: Current conditions, problems and perspectives
This article discusses perspectives for the formation of a truly ‘global sociology’, implying active, open, mutually beneficial and equal interaction between sociologists from different locations,
Rural Social Organization and Farmer Cooperatives Development in Russia and other Emerging Economies: Comparative Analysis
Farmer cooperatives development is an important direction of rural economic growth in developing countries which attracts serious international attention of both practitioners and scholars in the
Seeking for the Definition of “Culture”: Current Concerns and their Implications. A Comment on Gustav Jahoda’s Article “Critical Reflections on some Recent Definitions of “Culture’”’
It is claimed that the debates about culture indicate the need for a large-scale methodological reorganization of the social and humanitarian sciences, in response to the novel ontological congruence between internal and external, the fundamental “ontological shift”, “reversing the poles” of the human-related reality.
Culture in Psychology: Perennial Problems and the Contemporary Methodological Crisis
IntroductionIncreasing dissatisfaction since the turn of the century with the methods and the corresponding theoretical thinking in psychology can be observed in international science (for example,
Concerning Paradigmatic Status of Psychological Science: For a Flexible and Flowing Psychology in the Face of Practical and Theoretical Challenges
It is argued that poly paradigmatic structure of psychology is a virtue, not weakness, and thanks to such a structure, modular, like a Swiss knife, psychology may offer the most effective solutions for a variety of problems.
Making Global Sociology in the Context of Neoliberal Domination: Challenges, Ideology and Possible Strategies
This article discusses perspectives for making global sociology, which implies open and fruitful cooperation between sociologists from different locations, as well as enhancing our discipline’s
Problems and Perspectives in Research into the Quality of Work Life in Organisational Studies
This paper outlines major theoretical and methodological problems in Quality of Work Life (QWL) research within organisational studies and discusses possible solutions, based on extensive literature
Careers at Russian Business Organizations as a Social Phenomenon: Experience from Empirical Research
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