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Social Time: A Methodological and Functional Analysis
The category of astronomical time is only one of several concepts of time. Such concepts differ in the fields of philosophy, psychology, and economics. An operational definition of expressions of
The Study of War
  • P. Sorokin
  • Philosophy, Sociology
  • 1 December 1942
QUINCY WRIGHT'S A Study of War is a very important work in several respects, particularly in its comprehensive grasp of the essential sociocultural and historical aspects of war, and in the enormous
Social and Cultural Dynamics : A Study of Change in Major Systems of Art, Truth, Ethics, Law and Social Relationships
This classic work is a revised and abridged version, in a single volume, of the work which more than any other catapulted Pitirim Sorokin into being one of the most famed figures of twentieth-century
The ways and power of love : types, factors, and techniques of moral transformation
WAYS AND POWER OF LOVE was originally published in 1954 when Pitirim Sorokin was in the twilight of his career and leading the Harvard Research Center in Creative Altruism. His elaborate scientific