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‘Murdochization’ of the Indian press: from by-line to bottom-line
No other country – indeed no other continent – in the world has a newspaper industry as complex and highly developed as India’s. . . . In most of the industrialised world, the past decade has seen aExpand
India: Makings of Little Cultural/Media Imperialism?
An efflorescence of the media in India during the 1990s, mainly in television, has revolutionized the South Asian mediascape. After the novelty of foreign channels wore off in the early 1990s, IndianExpand
Citizen journalism in India: The politics of recognition
Opposition to the Entry of the Foreign Press in India, 1991-1995: The Hidden Agenda
  • P. Sonwalkar
  • Political Science
  • Modern Asian Studies
  • 1 July 2001
Since 1991, India's courting of foreign investment has been accompanied by protectionist posturing in sensitive sectors like insurance and the media. The tensions in making the shift from a mixedExpand
Mediating otherness: India's English-language press and the Northeast
This paper presents a case study of how a prevailing socio-cultural environment affects the practice of journalism and the consequent coverage or non-coverage of minorities and peripheral regions. ItExpand
Bearing witness: citizen journalism and human rights issues
This article assesses the potential of online news reporting to create discursive spaces for emphatic engagement—of bearing witness—at a distance, especially where human rights violations areExpand
Rammohun Roy’s Idea of ‘Public Good’ in the Early Days of Journalism Ethics in India
The main purpose of this chapter is to provide a historical context and reference point against which the development of journalism ethics in India in a global context can be framed. At a time ofExpand
Media and Political Violence