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Technique for In Situ Coating of Ag+ Onto Silica Gel in HPLC Columns for the Separation of Geometrical Isomers
Abstract A method is described for the in situ coating of silver nitrate onto silica gel in high performance liquid chromatography columns. The columns effectively separated a series of geometrical
Insect Sex Pheromones: Minor Amount of Opposite Geometrical Isomer Critical to Attraction
(Z)-II-Tetradecenyl acetate is the reported sex pheromone of European corn borer and redbanded leafroller moths. However, geometrically pure preparations of the compound are weakly attractive to
Isolation, identification, and synthesis of a female sex pheromone of the navel orangeworm,Amyelois transitella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)
(Z,Z)-11,13-hexadecadienal elicited quantitatively similar activation and attraction responses by A. transitella males as did the natural product.
Identification of sex pheromone produced by female sweetpotato weevil,Cylas formicarius elegantulus (Summers)
Synthesis, followed by laboratory and field bioassays, showed that the biological activity of the synthetic material was qualitatively and quantitatively indistinguishable from that of the purified natural product.
Stereospecific synthesis of (Z,Z)-11,13-hexadecadienal, a female sex pheromone of the navel orangeworm,Amyelois transitella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)
A synthesis of (Z,Z)-11,13-hexadecadienal, a compound previously identified as the major component of the sex pheromone of the female navel orangeworm,Amyelois transitella (Walker), is described. The
Biocatalysis in agricultural biotechnology
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The pink bollworm sex attractant.
The sex attractant of Pectinophora gossypiella (Saunders) was isolated from mixed sexes and from females only by chromatographic purification of the alcohol precursor and its acetylated product.
House Fly Sex Pheromone: Enhancement of Mating Strike Activity by Combination of ( Z )-9-tricosene with Branched Saturated Hydrocarbons
The pheromone of the female house fly, Musca dornestica L., that causes male flies to initiate copulation appears to be a mixture of unsaturated and saturated hydrocarbons. The most active
Evaluation of strains of Geotrichum candidum for lipase production and fatty acid specificity
Three strains of Geotrichum candidum were examined for lipase production and activity and the lipase from NRRL Y-553 and lipase 26557 RP displayed preferential specificity for hydrolyzing oleic acid esters, while the lipases from ATCC 34614, NRRLY-552 andlipase GC-4 failed to discriminate between plamitic and oleoic acids.
Sex pheromone of the face fly,Musca autumnalis De Geer (Diptera: Muscidae)
Components of a sex pheromone that cause male face flies to strike at females were found to be the straight-chain monoalkenes (Z)-14- nonacosene, (Z-13-nonacosenes, and (Z -heptacosane), which were readily synthesized by a Wittig reaction modified by the use of hexamethylphosphoric triamide.