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Optimality Theory: Constraint Interaction in Generative Grammar
Prefactory Note. Acknowledgments. 1. Preliminaries:. Background and Overview. Optimality. Overall Structure of the Argument. Overview of Part I. 2. Optimality in Grammar: Core Syllabification in
Information processing in dynamical systems: foundations of harmony theory
The work reported in this chapter rests on the conviction that a methodology that has a crucial role to play in the development of cognitive science is mathematical analysis.
On the proper treatment of connectionism
  • P. Smolensky
  • Psychology
    Behavioral and Brain Sciences
  • 1 March 1988
Abstract A set of hypotheses is formulated for a connectionist approach to cognitive modeling. These hypotheses are shown to be incompatible with the hypotheses underlying traditional cognitive
Learnability in Optimality Theory
It is argued that Optimality Theory promotes confluence of the demands of more effective learnability and deeper linguistic explanation, as well as other learning issues, which allow efficient convergence to a correct grammar.
On the comprehension/production dilemma in child language
Le fait que la capacite de production des enfants soit inferieure a leur capacite de comprehension, pose un dilemne conceptuel pour les etudes generatives sur l'acquisition du langage : les
Skeletonization: A Technique for Trimming the Fat from a Network via Relevance Assessment
The basic idea is to iteratively train the network to a certain performance criterion, compute a measure of relevance that identifies which input or hidden units are most critical to performance, and automatically trim the least relevant units.