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Climate Change, Mass Migration and the Military Response
Abstract The displacement of thousands of U.S. Gulf Coast residents in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is emblematic of a human migration challenge that will likely become more severe in the yearsExpand
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A button snap flap closure for a pocket having a flap which overlaps a surface of the pocket. The closure comprises an elongated keeper secured to the pocket, the keeper having a ridge comprised ofExpand
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The Song-Yuan-Ming transition in Chinese history
This volume seeks to study the connections between two well-studied epochs in Chinese history: the mid-imperial era of the Tang and Song era (ca.800-1270) and the late imperial era of the late MingExpand
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The Built Form of Western Cities.
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Multivariate normal distributions, Fisher information and matrix inequalities
Using appropriately parameterized families of multivariate normal distributions and basic properties of the Fisher information matrix for normal random vectors, we provide statistical proofs of theExpand
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The Terrorism Ahead: Confronting Transnational Violence in the Twenty-First Century
  • P. Smith
  • Political Science
  • 15 January 2007
Preface Acknowledgments 1. The Nature and Definition of Terrorism 2. The Historical Evolution of Modern Terrorism 3. Terrorism in the Context of Global Politics 4. Globalization and the InformationExpand
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Approximating the Moments and Distribution of the Likelihood Ratio Statistic for Multinomial Goodness of Fit
Abstract Approximations were derived for the mean and variance of G 2, the likelihood ratio statistic for testing goodness of fit in a k cell multinomial distribution. These approximate moments,Expand
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Araneomorph spiders from the southern Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia: a consideration of regional biogeographic relationships
A survey of the ground-dwelling araneomorph spider assemblages of the Southern Carnarvon Basin revealed a total of 33 families. Apart from the Gnaphosidae and Zodariidae which were not analysed dueExpand
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