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Four-wave mixing in an artificial Kerr medium.
Degenerate four-wave mixing experiments have been performed using a liquid suspension of 0.234-microm-diameter latex spheres as the nonlinear medium. The measured effective optical Kerr coefficient,Expand
Reflection of a Gaussian beam at a nonlinear interface.
By numerical simulations of the reflection of a (2-D) Gaussian beam from a nonlinear interface, we show several new features of the behavior of such an interface and resolve the difference betweenExpand
Observation of spatial optical solitons in a nonlinear glass waveguide.
We report the observation of spatial optical solitons due to the Kerr nonlinearity in a planar glass waveguide and present measurements of the nonlinear response obtained by placing a pinhole at theExpand
Continuous-wave self-focusing and self-trapping of light in artificial Kerr media.
Artificial Kerr media made from liquid suspensions of submicrometer particles were used as a new type of nonlinear medium for observing cw self-focusing and self-trapping of laser beams.Expand
Time-division multiplexing of large serial fiber-optic Bragg grating sensor arrays.
Time-division multiplexing is a promising method for the interrogation of fiber-optic Bragg grating sensors arrays for measurement of strain and temperature. We examine the performance of theseExpand
Use of a liquid suspension of dielectric spheres as an artificial Kerr medium.
We present the derivation of scaling relationships that describe the behavior of liquid suspensions of dielectric spheres as nonlinear optical media and report results of four-wave mixing experimentsExpand
Passive mode locking of a semiconductor diode laser.
By using a GaAs/GaAIAs multiple-quantum-well sample as a saturable absorber in an external resonator, we have passively mode locked a GaAs laser to obtain pulses as short as 1.6 psec, the shortestExpand
Experimental observation of spatial soliton interactions.
We report the experimental observation of interaction forces between two fundamental spatial optical solitons in a nonlinear glass waveguide. Both attraction and repulsion were observed, depending onExpand
Ultrashort pulse propagation in multiple-grating fiber structures.
We propose a multiple-grating fiber structure that decomposes an ultrashort broadband optical pulse simultaneously in both wavelength and time. As an initial demonstration, we used aExpand
Pressureless Sintered Silicon Nitride as a Promising Candidate for Radome Materials
Abstract : Pressureless sintered silicon nitride has several favorable features and properties which make it a promising candidate for radome materials. First of all, pressureless sintering providesExpand