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On the Anomalous Altitudinal Distribution of West Himalayan Troidini and Papilionini (Papilionidae)
ABSTRACT. The altitudinal distribution of those Papilioninae species that occur in both eastern and western parts of the Himalayan range is compared. Ten species were found to ascend with theExpand
Four new lycaenid butterfly records from the Kumaon Himalaya, India
The known distribution of four species of Lycaenid butterflies, Talicada nyseus, Nacaduba kurava, Flos asoka and Arhopala abseus indicus, is extended to the Kumaon Himalaya, Uttarakhand, India.
Western Himalayan populations of three Asiatic Papilio L. species appear to be distasteful in varying degrees to birds. These include the polymorphic Papilio polytes L. which was considered a classicExpand
The study of butterflies
In this part, we examine some causes of congregations, look at courtship and wonder at migration.
The study of butterflies
In the second part of the series on butterflies, we look at some general aspects of their structure, flight, fuels and senses.
The study of butterflies
In this part we look at some strategies adopted by butterflies that enable them to avoid predators.